BASIC OB / 3d 4D 5D Ultrasound examination

Terms & Conditions

What is the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D scan?

2D growth scan (4-40week) also known as basic OB scan to examine the baby growth, placenta location, amniotic fluid level, baby weight, fetal heartbeat, estimated due date, baby lying position and gender for 18 weeks above. However, this package does not include checking baby anomaly.

3d scan will be the static picture while the 4D scans will be the live video. 5D scan is the HD scan means high definition whereby the texture of the HD scan is more clear and similar to your baby skin. Hence, the images of your baby will look more real. 3d4d5d scan normally can do 12week above , however the most suitable time is around 20-35week.

When is the suitable time to peak baby gender?

We can provide the indication can begin as early as 15 weeks. However, we can only provide 70% accuracy of your fetus gender.

The Limitations of 3D /4D / 5D SCAN

There are few factor will affect the image quality which including
(1) machine brand, difference area will have difference machine range.
(2) Low level of amniotic fluid level will decrease the quality of the image
(3) Thick abdominal layer of the mummy will affect the quality image
(4) Baby position where the baby is hiding inside behind the uterus.
(5) Baby face block by the placenta or uterus wall.
(6) Baby do not cooperate blocking the face using hand, legs, umbilical cord or etc

By signing this form, I hereby declare that I have read this electronic informed consent, or the contents have been read to me. I have had the time and opportunity to ask questions to the sonographer of this detailed scan examination and my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I understand that the purpose, procedure, and risks of this scan have been explained to me, and I am signing it knowingly and voluntarily, to perform an obstetrics details scan.

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