detail scan ultrasound

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Detail scan

Detail scan is also known as anomaly scan to examine the internal organs of the baby such as the brain structure, heart, stomach, kidneys, spine, bones of the legs and arms, fingers and toes, bladder, weight of the baby, amniotic fluid and others.

There are 2 types of Detail scan

(1) Full detail scan (weeks 20-24)
• Can detect physical deformities of babies as high as 80-90%

(2) Partial detail scan (weeks 25-29)
• Can detect physical defects of babies as high as 60-70%

Limitations of detail scan

(1) Detail scan can detect physical defects as early as 18 week, but defects that are too small cannot be detected.
(2) Some fetus defects occur late in pregnancy which cannot be detected early during the detail scan.
(3) There are several factors will affect the quality of the scan image including the thickness of the pregnant mother’s abdomen, caesarean scar, gas, reduced in level amniotic fluid index.
(4) Genetic defects such as down syndrome, blood , hearing problems, hormones, etc. cannot be detected through detailed scans.
(5) And it should be clearly understand that if the scan details result are normal it does not mean the baby is 100% perfect.

By signing this form, I hereby declare that I have read this electronic informed consent, or the contents have been read to me. I have had the time and opportunity to ask questions to the sonographer of this detailed scan examination and my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I understand that the purpose, procedure, and risks of this scan have been explained to me, and I am signing it knowingly and voluntarily, to perform an obstetrics details scan.