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Terms & Conditions

Risk and Complication

Ultrasound examinations have never been shown to be harmful. This is not an x-ray. Ultrasound uses sound waves. The ultrasound produces a small burst of high frequency sound and then listens for the “echo” of the sound in your body. A computer then integrates this information to make the picture that you see on the screen.
There might be mild discomfort if scanning is performed over an area of tenderness you may also feel some pressure. If anything causes more than mild pain please inform sonographer during the scanning. After the scanning, we will always clean the transducer.

Limitation of ultrasound

The utmost care and concern is given to you. Even so, ultrasound is not a perfect science and things can be missed or not seen. There are several factors that affects the result which including :
(1) Position of your organs and your body composition.
(2) There are some abnormalities that are never seen with ultrasound.
(3) The quality of ultrasound examinations are extremely dependent on the equipment utilized. Different location using different brand of machine.
(4) The sonographer doing the ultrasound and the physician who interprets your exam.
(5) Your body habitus especially thick abdominal wall, full of abdomen gas, previous surgeries or scar & etc.

I understand that ultrasound cannot see all things, but that it may be a very helpful tool to help manage my care. I have read this consent, fully understand the above information, and have had all my questions answered to my satisfaction.

By signing this form, I hereby declare that I have read this electronic informed consent, or the contents have been read to me. I have had the time and opportunity to ask questions to the sonographer of this detailed scan examination and my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I understand that the purpose, procedure, and risks of this scan have been explained to me, and I am signing it knowingly and voluntarily, to perform an obstetrics details scan.

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