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Pinkarnival 2023: Bra Art Contest


The Bra Art Contest was a key event of Pinkarnival 2023,organized by Sonobee Ultrasound and sponsored by Neubodi, with Rtist Malaysia as a co-organizer.

It was a unique contest that aimed to draw attention to the issue of breast cancer through creativity and art.

IMG 8121

Bra Making Process

Voting Process

We were honored to have Tricia Lew as a guest judge. She is the CEO of Lewré Group and founder of Tricia Lew Shoes, has 20 outlets in Malaysia and is dedicated to shaping the fashion industry.

She transformed a nonprofit into a profitable venture with a distinct brand identity, and also commends the bra art contestants for their creative concepts and craftsmanship in raising breast cancer awareness.

Congratulations to the WINNERS of Bra Art Contest at Pinkarnival 2023 !!!

IMG 8126
Champion: Jolienne Ting Xuan
IMG 8125
1st Runner Up: Connie Goh Syn Yee
IMG 8124
2nd Runner Up: Roseliza Ellyani

Choosing the winners wasn’t easy. The public and our expert judges had the tough job of picking the best artworks. These winning creations aren’t just beautiful; they also remind us that art can help spread awareness and make a change.

The contestants worked really hard to create their art pieces. They spent lots of time designing, sewing, and crafting their bras. Each artwork was like a brushstroke in the fight against breast cancer.

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