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Gender Reveal Balloon Party

Original price was: RM360.00.Current price is: RM180.00.

Elevate your gender reveal experience in Malaysia with our comprehensive party planning guide. From themes to decorations, discover everything you need for a fabulous celebration. Unveil the surprise with style!

Gender reveal Balloon party package:
1. ⁠Choose a Gender reveal balloon package
2. Provide us your detail as below
a) Name received
b) Date :
c) Time preference
d) Address :
e) Gender :
F) Package:
– provide by sonobee > pls indicate sonographer contact
– provide by others > pls let us know the gender or PIC contact

3. Early booking required min 2-3 weeks before the date
4. ⁠Complete the payment (full payment). **not include delivery charge

*Non refundable for last minute cancel.
Refundable incase miscarriage only


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